Saturday, September 01, 2012

#335 - Soothe

The prompt for this week is: soothe.



Blogger Unknown said...

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8:22 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Somehow this made me write a fantasy story. Gypsies and dragons and dreaming. Awesome prompt.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Tracey said...

Battling ongoing sinus cold. "Soothe" comes in the form of rest & is a welcome-relief word. :-)

3:58 PM  
Blogger queen of the tambourine said...

My fill is... I'm not entirely sure where it came from. I hope people enjoy

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went straight for the gritty realism of war... and those who try to mend the wounds. Nurses are beautiful people. Thanks for this, Amy

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is so late because I was out of town.

It's been a big week for me. First, Dragon*Con, then finding out that one of my stories is getting published in "Enchanted Conversations" online magazine. Then, I write this, and it's surprisingly melancholy to me.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I found this prompt to remind me of a Therapist, whick was what I was gonna write, Then I thought of 1 of those Nerve-soothing-Cassettes thingies and decided that was my starting point.

Not my best work but it was fun! hope you enjoy it!

10:29 AM  

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