Friday, May 19, 2006

Daydream, then follow through.

Great job again, everyone! It was such fun reading about all those imaginary books swimming around in people's brains. I hope that many of us will find our ways to writing those books, one paragraph at a time, our travelogues and memoirs and romances and mysteries and book of photographs and poems and recipes and histories. Thanks for playing along! It was interesting to me how many people expressed that this one was difficult for them, or that they were going to opt out -- because I know the idea of writing a book can put a big roadblock down in one's imagination. It's too big, too looming, it blots out the sun. Some people have no desire to write a book at all. But for others, I think just the notion of it freezes the brain, and I want to put forth this exercise in visualization as a way of learning about what you really love about books and stories, or also illustrations or paintings or other kinds of artwork, so that you can figure out what you'd like to be working towards in your own creative life.

For me, I need to keep myself focused on what I love the most in books, and remind myself of what kind of story I want to tell. I do it with paintings too. I imagine showing my portfolio at a conference and picture what, in the best of all possible worlds, would be in that portfolio. What would I draw and paint? And once I know that, I try to accomplish it.

Daydream, then follow through.

Try this some time to keep yourself centered on your own creative path. Thanks again for another great week!


Blogger mab said...

Hi Laini or Meg,

This is an awesome blog and what a great idea.

I wish to join Sunday Scribblings. Could you send me the code for the button and add me to the list?

I am a writer of poetry and prose. Stop by my blog please.


Thank you,

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, are you aware that if you click on your Sunday Scribblings banner it goes to some other website called Photobucket.com? Was that on purpose? Usually when you click on a blog's banner it takes you to the main page/most recent post for that blog. Thought you'd want to know your banner is pointing off-blog... although it's unlikely, I thought someone might have hacked your blog or something.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Catherine said...

I really enjoyed doing that one - my first. I'm itching for another. It's Saturday here already, and no topic up yet. I have to remind myself you're doing this on a purely voluntary basis - but I would love to have it up a little earlier so there's time to do it and post before Sunday. Of course if I post it on Monday, it's still Sunday in the USA - but I have to go to work on Monday, I need the weekend to work on it. So can we have it a little earlier? Pretty please? And thanks a whole heap that you are doing it at all, there must be a lot of work involved in running it.

5:08 PM  
Blogger GoGo said...

Hey Ladies,

I am so excited about the next exercise, having taken myself out last time. I am ready and rearing to bust it up with some new words!

I am enjoying this process. Thanks again.

9:56 PM  

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